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CRM System for Rajarshi Shahu Academy

CRM System for Rajarshi Shahu Academy

We are pleased to say that LaraAdmin based CRM System developed by Dwij IT Solutions in association with Rattle Lifestyle to manage Skill Orientation Sessions and Students for Rajarshi Shahu Academy, Pune has been launched by Hon. Sharad Pawar on 24th Nov 2017 at Shahu college, Parvati, Pune.

This CRM System will serve minimum 30000 students across Maharashtra to get their profiles screened for Skill Assessment in coming year. Already 2000 students registered on launch event day.

Ganesh Bhosale

Ganesh Bhosale, Founder of Dwij IT Solutions & Creator of <a href="https://laraadmin.com">LaraAdmin CRM</a>, is a Digital Entrepreneur with 8+ years of experience in IT Services and excellent Skills in Technology & Product Development.

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