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    Why Use React Native For Mobile App Development

    Why Use React Native For Mobile App Development

    A lot of mobile app development companies choose to use React Native as their mobile app development platform. Not only do the mobile app development companies in Pune benefit, but their clients also have a lot to gain. React Native is a cross-platform mobile application development solution which allows you to use the same code across both the iOS and Android platforms. It is an open-source framework that allows you to build a mobile application using only Javascript. Many Android app development companies choose to use React Native because it uses the same UI blocks like the ones built using native Android apps. You can hardly tell the difference.

    Benefits Of Using React Native For Mobile App Company

    1. Reusable Code: With React Native 90% of the code written for one platform can be used for the other. A client looking for both iOS and Android versions of the app can easily have their mobile app development time halved when their mobile app company uses React Native framework to build the app. Even the code used to build the web app can be used to build mobile apps with the same speed and accuracy and at a fraction of a cost.
    2. Lower Costs: Top mobile app development companies can easily use the reusable code benefits of the React Native framework to their benefit by lowering the costs of developing a mobile application. The clients are always thrilled at having to pay lower fees for the same top quality mobile application.
    3. Simplified UI: Another reason for the top mobile application development companies in the world are partial to using React Native platform is because of the simplicity with which it can be used. Unlike AngularJS and MeteorJS, React Native allows for simplicity in the linear actions needed when building an app. This functionality also helps in making the mobile apps built using React much lighter and faster.
    4. Lower Memory Usage: As I mentioned in the previous point, thanks to the compatibility with third-party plug-ins, diversified modules and the ability to use both native modules and Javascript modules help in linking any functionality to your app. This reduces the load on the actual app which then requires to use less memory. This makes your application much faster to use and provides an overall better experience to the end-user. You can look at React Native Drawer, React Native Modalbox, React Native Vector Icons for some popular third-party plug-ins.
    5. Flexible Coding Framework: Top mobile application development companies in India have been switching to React Native for their mobile app development needs because the coding system is common across developers. Developers can switch from one project to the next with ease and companies can switch developers mid-way in case of an emergency. This ensures that your web development project is not delayed unnecessarily due to the unavailability of one programmer or coder.
    6. Long Term Solution: React Native has a massive massive community that is very dedicated to keeping it alive and well. There are plenty of users who work on small tweaks to improve and better React Native framework daily. In case help is ever needed on a project, you’ll always find help available online. To ensure more security, React Native is backed by Facebook which should ensure that for mobile app development this is the one framework that you would ever need to learn.
    7. Future Proof: React Native framework has been built in a manner that ensures that your code is future proof, at least for the foreseeable future. Even if you have to work on both the iOS and Android platforms you can be sure that working with the simplest codes will be enough to help you resolve even the most critical bugs. It provides you with tabs to keep a check on your memory usage so that even older versions of the phone which may lack in the power to run most apps will be able to use your mobile application.


    To summarise, most top Mobile App Development companies in India and around the world prefer to use React Native when building an app for their clients because it’s easy to use, builds more efficient apps, does not rely entirely on the skill of the app developer and has tonnes of libraries and modules already available which make building the application relatively easy.

    As a client, you should be thrilled about your mobile app company using React Native to build your mobile app because it uses less time to build the application and the app can be built at a much lower budget. If you’re in the market for a new application please do get in touch with CodePlateau Technology Solutions, one of the best mobile app development companies in India and a leader is React Native mobile app development.

    Ganesh Bhosale
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