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OpenCV Workshop in Sinhgad College, Kondhwa Pune

OpenCV Workshop in Sinhgad College, Kondhwa Pune

Two day workshop on “Introduction to Python, OpenCV & its Applications” was held in Sinhgad Kondhwa, Pune from 12th Feb 2017 to 13th Feb 2017. This workshop was focused on creating real-time Applications by Python with OpenCV Programming on Ubuntu Systems. This workshop was inaugurated by

Workshop: Introduction to Python, OpenCV and its Applications

Venue: Sinhgad Kondhwa, Pune

Workshop covered following points:

  1. Introduction to Linux & Python
  2. Basics of Python
  3. Data Structures & Functions
  4. OOP’s and Modules in Python
  5. OpenCV – Introduction + Installation
  6. Loading & Saving Image & Video
  7. Understanding Numpy Library
  8. Access pixel properties, values & editing
  9. Camera Capture for Image & Video
  10. Image Operations [Thresholding, Filters, Detection]
  11. Segmentation
  12. Histogram Calculation
  13. Morphological Operation
  14. Image Transforms [DFT, IFT]
  15. Real time Face Detection [Demo]

At the end of the workshop students were able to fluently write the programs using Python for Hardware pins, Sound Mixer, Image/Video Processing, GUI.

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