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LaraAdmin – Laravel Admin Panel

Quick-start CMS Admin Panel for Laravel

LaraAdmin – Laravel Admin Panel

Last month on Jun 26th we launched a new Open-Source Project called LaraAdmin. It is basically a CMS system which is inspired by SugarCRM, but it is different from SugarCRM in terms of Architecture and Philosophy.

What is LaraAdmin ?

  1. CMS (Content Management System) – Manages Modules & their Data
  2. Backend Admin Panel – Data can be used in front end applications with ease.
  3. A probable CRM System – Can be evolved into a CRM system like SugarCRM

What’s so special about it ?

  1. Philosophy: Inspired by SugarCRM & based on Advanced Data Types like Image, HTML, File, Dropdown, TagInput which makes developers job easy. See more in features
  2. Superior CRUD generation for Modules which generates Migration, Controller, Model and Views with single artisan command and integrates with Routes as as well.
  3. Form Maker helper is provided for generating entire form with single function call with module name as single parameter. It also gives you freedom to customise form for every field by providing method to generate single field with parameters for customisations.
  4. Upload Manager manages project files & images which are integrated with your Module fields.
  5. Menu Manager creates menu with Modules & Custom Links likes WordPress
  6. Online Code Editor allows developers to customise the generated Module Views & Files.

Overall, it makes developers life easy and saves time in creating Admin Panel Utilities with impressive functionalities.

We have received an overwhelming response from all over world about this new package for Laravel.


Checkout a demo video:


Official Documentation: http://laraadmin.com/documentation
Source code: https://github.com/dwijitsolutions/laraadmin
Services: Laravel Development Company in Pune, India

Ganesh Bhosale

Ganesh Bhosale, Founder of Dwij IT Solutions & Creator of <a href="https://laraadmin.com">LaraAdmin CRM</a>, is a Digital Entrepreneur with 8+ years of experience in IT Services and excellent Skills in Technology & Product Development.

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