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    Google demotes PR – How big is problem ? Solution ?

    Pros and Cons over Organic and Paid SEO Services

    Google demotes PR – How big is problem ? Solution ?

    Google on Friday, April 15, 2016 officially closed its service to check Page Rank(PR) for Webpages via Toolbar such as SEOquake. This created a major panic in SEO industry. This article features How this will affect SEO Industry (Specially Paid !) and Solution to excel in SEO without PR.

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    What is PR (Page Rank) ?

    Page Rank is algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results showing importance of one webpage over other. It works on number and quality of links to the webpage.
    It is named after Lary Page, one of the founders of Google.

    Does this algorithm matters ?

    This is not the only algorithm used by Google to calculate ranking, but it was their first and best algorithm. Current Google rankings also shows the effect of same technics and methodologies used in PR algorithm. Only fact is currently Google bids on relevance of links source and target. So this algorithm actually matters in its own way.

    Why Google demoted it ?

    1. Unethical generation of links (Black / Grey Hat methods) to boost SEO. These technics has affected the search engine rankings in very bad way. By blocking PR, Google is going to control Heavily paid SEO Rankings as without Page Rank, value of backlinks and domains are nearly unknown.
      Some of such SEO techniques includes:

      1. Purchasing of back links from high PR websites.
      2. Purchasing of expired, deleted domains with High PR to create backlinks and web directories.
    2. To encourage On-page SEO (Content based). As PR is decrepit, SEO using genuine content and genuine backlinks will be the only way to achieve good Ranking. Genuine backlinks will only work with proper relevance between link source and target webpage.
    3. Reduce importance of Web Submission Directories


    1. Creating quality content which appeals users as well as Google Text Mining Engine (Google Bot).
    2. Genuine Backlinks from Blogs and Websites
    3. Maintaining reciprocals links for proper content linking.
    4. Using other ranking solutions like
      1. Ahref – ahrefs.com/site-explorer
      2. Moz – moz.com/researchtools/ose or Moz SEO Toolbar
      3. SEMrush – semrush.com/info/rank.html
      4. Alexa – alexa.com/siteinfo

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    1. Google Toolbar PageRank officially goes dark
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