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    Its been 8 years since establishment and we have evolved through the experience of market trends and complex projects and reached hundreds of people from Pune, Mumbai & abroad...
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    Meaning of Dwij

    Self-realisation gives wings to excel and ultimate manifestation of oneself

    Meaning of Dwij

    The meaning of Sanskrit word Dwij (द्विज) is Someone who has born twice (द्वि = Twice, ज = Born). This term in sanskrit represents birds and self-realised souls. A bird takes birth, first as a egg and secondly while hatching. Same way human beings takes their first birth through mothers womb and second when they get their self-realisation and understood himself. A soul that takes rebirth for attainment of its Moksha (Ultimate Freedom) i.e. to connect with the Divine and in turn with himself, thereby attaining enlightenment. This philosophy is based on Sahaja Yoga Meditation inspired by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

    Dwij also means one who has understood himself (Strength and Weaknesses) and know what he has to do in order to fulfil his karma.

    We at Dwij IT Solutions understood ourselves to our deep cores and has ability to achieve the greater good for our customers and for ourselves. We are motivated to have customer satisfaction through Quality services and reliability which are our core policies.

    Our company logo is inspired by painting “Pity” (shown above) made by William Blake in 1795 who was a self-realised soul. Painting shows how a soul (child shown in painting) leaves away materialism and ascend towards divine mother (Holy spirit) who has came to take him into her arms.

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