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    Its been 8 years since establishment and we have evolved through the experience of market trends and complex projects and reached hundreds of people from Pune, Mumbai & abroad...
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    Linux & Shell Scripting Workshop
    Train yourself for Career Challenges in the field of
    Server & Scripting Technologies

    Linux is not only the best-known and most-used open source operating system but its openness has widen doors to large scale Server & industry which will impact for many centuries.

    Learn professional Linux & its usage in real-time Applications with long time Linux Expert.

    Scope of Workshop

    What is Linux?

    Common Applications

    Basics & Linux Platform

    Command line

    Using man pages


    Working with files

    Vim & other text editors

    User Management

    Text utilities

    Bash Shell

    Basic Networking & Security

    About Trainer

    Alumni of IIT Guwahati

    Ganesh Khade

    Ganesh is highly qualified Web Architecture Creator and works on various Web & Scripting Technologies.

    Complete Hands-on
    Max 40 Students
    24 Hours
    IT, Computer Science

    What our Students says

    In the end, this is all about moulding Future

    Why us ?

    No doubt there are hundreds of Training Institutes in India. We stand out because of following reasons:

    5+ Years Industry Experience

    Skill Oriented

    Complete Hands-ons, Not a Lecture !

    Quality Take Away

    2000+ Skilled Students

    Motivational Teaching


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