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Its been 8 years since establishment and we have evolved through the experience of market trends and complex projects and reached hundreds of people from Pune, Mumbai & abroad...
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Workshop on Web Development with Ruby on Rails
Train yourself for Career Challenges in the field of
Web Development using ROR

Ruby on Rails Workshop

Scope of Workshop

Introduction to Rbenv

Gems, Rails installation

Rails commands

Basic data types & variables

Control flow, Loops & Methods

Iterators & Blocks

Array & Ranges

Hashes & Symbols

Modules, Classes & Inheritance

Getter, Setter & Attribute Accessors

Error Handling

Model - View - Controller (MVC)

Rails cli

Folder Structure & CRUD

Model & Relationships


Controller & RESTful Routes

Views & Validations

Routing & Basic user Authentication

Rails Application & Project Scaffolding

Useful gems - Devise, paperclip

Bootstrap & front-end theming

Create Pinterest Clone

Deploy application to Heroku

About Trainer

Alumni of IIT Guwahati

Ganesh Khade

Ganesh is highly qualified Web Architecture Creator and works on various Web & Scripting Technologies.

Complete Hands-on
Max 40 Students
28 Hours
IT, Computer Science

What our Students says

In the end, this is all about moulding Future

Why us ?

No doubt there are hundreds of Training Institutes in India. We stand out because of following reasons:

5+ Years Industry Experience

Skill Oriented

Complete Hands-ons, Not a Lecture !

Quality Take Away

2000+ Skilled Students

Motivational Teaching


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